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Hi there, I’m Dilara Koç.
I’m a 26 years old girl born in Germany, with a degree in “Bekleidung Technische Assistentin” or translated as “Clothing technical assistant”.


I’m from Aschaffenburg, a city close to Frankfurt.

Since I was little I always liked clothing, pictures, and fashion and I have been always doing things related to the industry.

From 2015 to 2017  I graduate myself in the “Bekleidungsfachschule” in Aschaffenburg

2017 – I made a 3-month Internship in Turkey White House.

2018 – I did the “Mode Schneider Ausbildung” ( Fashion Tailor training).

2019-  I did the Abitur in Bekleidung (Graduation in clothing) in Frankfurt am Main.

You can check some of the dresses I made in my internship in Izmir, Turkey:



The first jobs that I can remember are internships in kindergarten and crèches and helping in old people’s homes.

2012 – Ceramic Manufacturer Shop.

2013 – Worked in-retailer.

2014 – Worked on Christmas Market

2017- 3 Months internship in Izmir in White House wedding dresses and engagement dresses store.

2018- Worked in a leather factory repairing shoes, bags, and belts. made with leather.

2015- 2020 – Weekend job on a local organic market

2021-2022 – 1 Year collaborating as Creative Management for Green MNKY ( Making videos, cutting, editing pictures and TikTok lead)


German – Native

Turkish – Professional

English – Advanced

Spanish – Elementary

I am originally from Germany but my family is Turkish. As a result, I have been learning Turkish little by little and had a chance to practice it during my internship. I have also traveled around perfecting my English and in 2021 I started to learn Spanish after visiting Barcelona. Learning new languages has always been something I have been interested in and I enjoy being able to connect with people from all over the world. Being able to speak multiple languages also makes me more marketable in the professional world and helps me to stand out from other candidates.

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